■ The Engagement
❏ Tell all your family and close friends first
❏ Announce your engagement to everyone else and,
if desired, place announcements in newspaper
❏ Arrange engagement party
■ Soon After
❏ Set the wedding date and time
❏ Establish who is paying for what and set the budget
for the wedding
❏ Open a separate bank accound for your wedding
❏ Discuss the style of your wedding and reception
(religious, secular or a theme)
❏ Keep a scrap book or diary of ideas and samples
❏ Set a limit on the size of the reception
❏ Appoint officiant and book
❏ Decide on Maid of Honour and bridesmaids
❏ Decide on Best Man and groomsmen
❏ Decide where the wedding ceremony is to be held
and book
❏ Write up a guest list and establish numbers
❏ Select where the reception is to be held and book
❏ Book caterers, if required
❏ Make a list of necessary hire equipment
❏ Commence shopping for a gown or dressmaker
and accessories
❏ Shop for groom’s suit or tailor and accessories
❏ Look for suits, dresses and accessories for bridal party
❏ Shop for florist and flowers you want and book
❏ Decide on transport (cars, horse and carriage)
and book
❏ Search for a photographer/videographer that suits
your requirement and book
❏ Plan accommodation for wedding night and book
❏ Set your honeymoon destination (contact travel
agents, etc.)
❏ Organise passports, visas and vaccinations
❏ Arrange leave from work
❏ Start to think about ceremonial vows
❏ Consider pre-marital counselling
❏ Consider wedding insurance
❏ Organise travel insurance
■ 6 Months
❏ At the 6-month mark you should have all your major
services confirmed, contracts signed, deposits paid
and a good idea of what you would like for the rest
of your wedding.
■ 3-6 Months
❏ Order wedding stationery
❏ Select wedding rings
❏ Choose your MC
❏ Register with a bridal gift service and select
gift choices
❏ Decide on wedding cake and book
❏ Innoculations for overseas travel
❏ Finalise guest list
■ 2 Months
❏ Give Notice of Intention to Marry – Registration
❏ Mail wedding invitations and registry lists
❏ Confirm menu and drinks with reception venue/
❏ Book accommodation for out of town guests
❏ Discuss your photographic requirements with
❏ Confirm honeymoon
❏ Select a hairdresser and make-up artist and arrange
a trial for 4 weeks from your wedding day
❏ Start thinking about wedding vows
❏ Start having regular facials
❏ Book in for regular hair treatments with your
■ 1-2 Months
❏ Finalise Order of Service booklets if you are having
❏ Finalise wording on your ceremonial vows
❏ Buy a guest book
❏ Start to prepare your bomboniere
❏ Make final decisions on all items that need to be
ordered and booked if haven’t done so already
❏ Book your hire equipment
❏ Have fitting for bride, groom and bridal party
❏ Purchase all your wedding accessories
(tiara, veil, necklace, lingerie)
❏ Consider taking dance lessons
■ 4 Weeks
❏ Confirm all booking and arrangements
❏ Arrange bucks night
❏ Arrange hens night/bridal shower
❏ Have wedding rings engraved
❏ Have hair and make-up trial
❏ Buys gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers
❏ Buy gift for finance
❏ Plan seating arrangements for the reception
■ 3 Weeks
❏ Make sure everyone in the wedding party is aware
of what is required of them
❏ Select music for the ceremony
❏ Choose the music for the first dance, father and bride
dance etc.
❏ Provide a list of music that you would like/not like
to have played
❏ Ensure that all honeymoon travel documents are in
order ie: passport, visa, insurance, travellers cheques

❏ Finalise vows
❏ Schedule wedding rehearsal
❏ Wear your wedding shoes in by wearing them
around the house
■ 2 Weeks
❏ Have bucks night
❏ Have hens night/bridal shower
❏ Wedding rehearsal
❏ Final fitting for bride and groom
❏ Make sure all wedding attire for bridal party
fits properly
❏ Check that you have all your accessories in order
❏ Confirm that all legal documents are in order
‘marriage licence’ etc.
❏ Pack bag/luggage for honeymoon
❏ Confirm final numbers with reception venue
and caterer
❏ Collect wedding rings
❏ Confirm MC has his speech finalise
❏ Final consultations with officiant, photographer
and videographer
❏ Enjoy a massage and take some time to relax
❏ Write down a schedule for your wedding day,
make copies and distribute to bridal party and
anyone helping
■ 1 Week
❏ Pick up or arrange delivery for all wedding attire
❏ Ensure that all in the bridal party have what they need
❏ Confirm roles and responsibilities for the day
❏ Confirm all services are booked and all delivery times
are established
❏ Have your hair coloured
❏ Pack for your honeymoon and include passports,
tickets, etc.
❏ Finalise seating arrangements at reception
❏ Pack an emergency kit for your wedding day
bandaids, safety pins, tissues, lippy, needle and
thread, headache tablets, extra stockings, eye drops,
perfume, etc.
❏ Finalise outstanding payments for wedding services
❏ Have a massage, facial and fake tan
❏ Organise someone to return all the hire items after
the wedding
❏ Give the reception venue the running order of the day,
expected arrival times, etc.
❏ Ensure reception venue/caterer is awarer of anyone
with special dietary requirements
■ 2 Days Before
❏ Give the emergency kit that you packed to your
Maid of Honour to bring on the day
❏ Touch base with everyone so they are prepared,
organised and know the schedule
❏ Confirm when flowers and cake are arriving
❏ Confirm hair and make-up
❏ Clean your engagement ring
■ The Day Before
❏ Prepare healthy snacks for your and your bridesmaids
❏ Have a manicure and pedicure (have some touch-up
polish on standby)
❏ Manicures and pedicures for bridesmaids
❏ Pack last minute items for your wedding night
❏ Pack last minute items for your honeymoon
❏ Lay out everything you need for your wedding day
including your marriage licence
❏ Ensure Best Man has rings
❏ Get a good nights sleep
■ Wedding Day
❏ Relax and enjoy your wedding day
■ After the Wedding
❏ Name change (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
❏ Organise legal documents Wills, bank accounts, etc.
❏ Send thank you letters for gifts
❏ Make an appointment to see the photographer and
❏ Have wedding dress dry cleaned and preserved
❏ Have flowers preserved